All the latest news from the range.....

All the latest news from the range.....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The first Annual Sky-Dog Award for Equine Photography

The contest winners, Stephen Lang, Lesley Deutsch, Robert Day and Wanelle Fitch's photos hang on one wall.

All of our honorable mention winners, Wanelle Fitch, Lesley Deutsch,
Beth Longanecker, Shawn Murphy, Lauren Pochron and
Sherry Harder  adorn another wall.

The First Annual Sky-Dog Award for Equine Photography was a great success! Thanks to all of the folks that entered the contest and our three amazing judges, Tony Stromberg, Lynne Pomeranz and Gregg Albracht, we were able to put on a great show. The only bad thing was that not everyone could win but our winning photographs were amazing and we were proud to display them at our event along with photographs by Tony, Lynne and Gregg. Tony Stromberg and Lynne Pomeranz were also on hand to sign copies of their beautiful books, Tony's two books, 'Spirit Horses' and 'The Forgotten Horses' and Lynne's book 'Among Wild Horses.' Gregg Albracht also previewed images from his upcoming book on Equine Photography. Wow, what a line up!

So many of our winners came to the show from far and wide, Beth Longanecker and Shawn Murphy are locals but Wanelle Fitch and Lesley Deutsch came in from California, Sherry Harder came down from Colorado and Robert 'Bob' Day flew in from Michigan! Sadly Stephen Lang and Lauren Pochron couldn't make it but they weren't forgotten. Thanks for trying guys! 

The Sky-Dog Award reception was held at Collected Works Bookstore at 202, Galisteo Street in Santa Fe on January 7th. We couldn't have asked for a bigger crowd or better venue or more press. All of this was thanks to Dorothy Massey and Mary Wolf, the mother and daughter team who own this magical bookstore. Their kindness and support was overwhelming. Our show was featured in 3 newspapers, the Santa Fe New Mexican, The Journal Santa Fe and the Reporter and James Anaquad Kleinert and I (Jackie) were even interviewed on Mary Charlotte Domandi's radio show,  Radio Cafe on KSFR. We were also honored to share the evening with James' sneak preview of his film 'Wild Horses and  Renegades' which is an in-depth documentary about the heartbreaking plight and the current politics of America's wild horses. It was a great evening for our photographers, our winners (most of whom were there) and the wild horses. I had to pinch myself throughout the evening to remind myself that it was all real. A simple idea to hold a photo contest had blossomed into that one enchanted evening and it was a dream come true! 

Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!

Shawn Murphy, who won an honorable mention for 'Buddy' and
Lesley Deutsch who won second place for 'Tesoro' and an honorable
mention for 'Away' enjoy the celebration. Shawn is a Santa Fe local
and Lesley came in from Grass Valley, CA to participate in the show.
Beth Longanecker, a Santa Fe local, who won an honorable mention for
 'Freedom Messengers of Dignity' meets many of the other
contestants in our contest and compares notes. 

Beth also found a sponsor for 3 of our horses for which
we are very grateful! Thanks Beth! If anyone is interested in sponsoring one of our horses, please see our sponsor blog or go to the sponsor page on our website.

The bookstore was filled to the brim with people which was very exciting!

Lesley Deutsch talks with Tony Stromberg who kindly signed his books 'Spirit Horses' and 'The Forgotten Horses' for the event. He also had some of his beautiful photography in the show.
I had to get up on stage and say a few words (excruciating!) but it was my chance to thank everyone including the contestants (those who won and those who hadn't but who had been kind enough to enter), without them there would have been no contest! I also wanted to thank the judges, Tony, Gregg and Lynne who have been so generous throughout the whole contest and to thank Mary and Dorothy for hosting our event.

I also got to talk about the 30 Jicarilla wild horses up for
adoption at Farmington.  We are hoping this event might help to find homes for some of them. If anyone is interested
in adopting one of these horses please contact me through our website. 
Gregg Albracht and his lovely wife Christine. Gregg previewed his
upcoming book on equine photography and also had some of his
gorgeous photography in the show. 
Lynne Pomeranz must have got writer's cramp signing copies of her beautiful book 'Among Wild Horses.'  She also had some of her incredible wild horse photographs up at the show. She has signed on to sponsor one of our Wyoming mustangs, Shoshone, who we nick-name  'bearded-guy' as he grows a full beard in winter!
James Anaquad Kleinert introduced his new film 'Wild Horses and Renegades.' He has spent the last few years working on this film and fighting for the future of 
the American Mustangs.
A large crowd seated and waiting to watch James' amazing film.

I was so happy to see some of my friends, young and old, at the event. Here is me with my little buddy Makai Colvin. Makiai's mum, Cathy, and I have been friends since 1988! Yikes! 

Dorothy got up and welcomed the crowd and made a beautiful speech for which I am truly grateful. If it wasn't for Dorothy and Mary, whose bookstore hosted our event, this enchanted evening could not have happened.

Thank you SO much ladies
you are genuine angels!

After the event, some of us retreated to the restaurant at La Fonda for a drink, a light meal and a re-cap. Here we see Gregg Albracht, Tony Stromberg and myself with Leslie Deutsch and her pals, Leslie-Anne, Cara and Katy.

 Thanks ladies for letting me use your fun photos for this blog!
Me with my heroes in all this. 

Sadly this photo is a little washed out as
I had just got this camera for the event and didn't know how to use it!
To Tony Stromberg, Gregg Albracht and Lynne Pomeranz, you guys
are the best and I can't tell you what an honor it has been to share this
contest with you.
 Thank you for your supreme kindness!

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  1. I'm looking forward to being a part of the festivities next year, whether I win anything or not! You did a fab-u-lous job putting on your first photo contest and reception - kudos to you!