All the latest news from the range.....

All the latest news from the range.....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Winners of our annual 'Sky-Dog Award for Equine Photography,' 2011 and info on our Winner's reception on November 11th.

See photos of our winner's reception (on November 11th) at the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe at the bottom of this page. 

Here are the winners of the 2011 'Sky-Dog Award for Equine Photography.' Congratulations! I just want everyone to know that it was a really tough choice for the judges and there are many photos, not shown here, that were firm favorites of one judge or another and there were many that would be here if we had more spaces. It is sad not to be able to show them all, so many of this year's entries were gorgeous!

THANK YOU ALL for entering our contest and supporting our sanctuary. We wish we could make you all winners... and so many of you came close... NO JOKE!! I hope you will enjoy our winning pic's though and be inspired to enter our contest next year. 

THANKS also to our judges, Tony Stromberg, Lynne Pomeranz and Gregg Albracht.. they suffered through the judging, it was VERY hard for them to have to choose! Believe me, I was there with each of them. In the end it was the photos that spoke to all of them that won the contest and so we congratulate the winners for being able to touch photographers who have very different styles from one another.

First Place:
Jo Danehy
Second Place:
'Sleepy Hollow.'
Beth Longanecker.

Honorable mentions:
'Me and my Shadow'
Shawn Murphy.

'Cowboy at Sunset.'
Marti Rhea.

'A Time Remembered.'
Pam Soderholm.

Wild at Heart.

First Place:
'Horses run.'
Stephen Lang.

Second Place:
'Wild Heart.'
Jo Danehy.

Honorable mentions:
'Absaroka's Fire.'
Dawn Norris.

'Jasmine Running.'
Stephen Lang.

'Running Spirit'
Marti Rhea.


First Place:
Marti Rhea.

Second Place:
Shawn Murphy.

Honorable Mentions:

Stephen Lang'

Pam Soderholm.

'Coming over the hill.'
Robyn Garcia.

Our winner's reception at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe.

We had a wonderful winner's reception at Collected Works Bookstore on November 11th. There were book signings by Tony Stromberg and Lynne Pomeranz as well as art work from our winners and from our three judges, Tony, Lynne and Gregg Albracht.

There was also a screening of Donna Wells' beautiful film,

Listen to an interview on KSFR's Radio Cafe between Mary-Charlotte and Jackie Fleming and Donna Wells. You will need to click on the first podcast.

Our winner's beautiful photographs displayed at Collected Works Bookstore.

A large crowd attended our reception and film show. It was a great evening!

Tony Stromberg and Lynne Pomeranz (two of our contest judges) sign their books. In the foreground are Tony's gorgeous books, 'Spirit Horses' and 'The Forgotten Horses.' Thanks guys! Sadly our third judge, Gregg Albracht, couldn't make the reception. He was greatly missed.

Three of our contest winners, from left to right, Shawn Murphy, Pam Soderholm (and her dog Split) and Jo Danehy. Congratulations guys and thank you so much for entering our contest and coming to the show!

From left to right, Donna Wells, Lynne Pomeranz, me (Jackie) and Beth Longanecker (one of our contest winners.) Behind us is artwork by Lynne, Gregg Albracht and Tony Stromberg. In the foreground is Lynne's beautiful book, 'Among Wild Horses.'

A large crowd awaits the screening of Donna Wells' poignant film 'She Had Some Horses.'

Donna Wells introduces her film to the awaiting audience. Congratulations Donna on a wonderful film!

Thanks to everyone for making our second annual Sky-Dog Award for Equine Photography such a great success. Stay tuned to our website for information on the third annual contest in 2012!

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